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Buy a Home and we pay you the commission!

 When you buy with veriRealty™, you get the same great service from start to finish, then at closing you get real estate commission*.  Typically 2.5-3%.

Hard to Believe?

Give us a call. It’s true. You can use the money for anything you choose.We believe a buyer’s agent commissions are crazy. With today’s internet searches, you are probably finding homes yourself. If you call the listing agent means the selling agent gets 6%.  That’s nuts!  Use our highly trained licenses professionals and get 3% for yourself.  Don’t leave money on the table!

VIP Buyer

Buy the property you want and get our commission.

Mortgage Questions

We work very closely with lending partners and can get your questions answered.

Our Guarantee

If we can’t sell your home in 60 days, we’ll pay you $1,000 in cash.

How much can I afford?

Great question and with outstanding terms, you can afford more.  Our VIP Buyer Program will certainly help when you get a check at closing for the Buyer’s Agent Commissions, and having a great lender who can broker the right deal for you is another advantage with veriRealty™.

Have a Home to Sell?

When you finally come to the decision to sell your home, there are many thoughts that go through your mind. If you want to maximize the money you get from selling and do it within your time frame, we are the real estate company to make it happen. Our VIP Seller Program will assist you with all those considerations and even some you didn’t think of. All of our sellers receive a professional appraisal and home inspection so there is no surprise to cause a delay.

Find out what your home is worth

Tell us about your home, like what features you’ve added? Let’s talk about your situation so we can make the best educated calculations to get you the most money in the least amount of time.

We can get your home listed and on the market today!

Who we are

Veri Realty™ is South Florida’s leading real estate team. If you are in the market for a team of agents that know how to get the job done right in a timely and efficient manner, then you’ve come to the right place.


Veri Realty™ team of agents led by Bob Mallek

  • Bob Mallek
    Bob Mallek Broker Associate, GRI MRETE | PGA Golf Professional | Team Leader

    After a successful career as a PGA Golf Professional, authoring two golf instruction books and hosting golf instruction TV programs in Chicago, Bob has shifted his focus to real estate sales and investing since 2002. It began in Chicago with a family owned Remax franchise and expanded to South Florida.

    Since then, Bob has worn all the hats in the industry, including Broker/Owner of a Realty World franchise, Partner in a Palm Beach Title Company and owner of a Real Estate Advertising Company. He’s seen the good times and the tough times, but now leads a very successful team of realty pros.

    Bob Mallek’s lead generation system keeps over 400 active buyers for South Florida homes at all times. Speak with Bob and his team of agents and your home could be sold already!

  • Jonathan Krystofik
    Jonathan Krystofik Sales Associate

    Jonathan is a hardworking guy that goes the extra mile for his clients. He is a problem solver to make all deals as seamless as possible and take the pressure off of you.  He comes to veriRealty with an extensive restaurant and hospitality management  experience.

  • Jennifer Hubbert
    Jennifer Hubbert Sales Associate

    Outstanding real estate professional with 12 years experience with Keller Williams prior to joining the Veri Realty™  Team. Terrific understanding of the Broward County landscape. You’ll save time and energy having this pro help you.

Common questions and answers

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a VIP Seller Program?

Our VIP Seller has extra benefits without extra expense.  We have value added services that we provide to help you sell your home faster at the highest price, without needing to pay 6% commission.  Our free, no obligation consultation is the best way to begin.

Why do you give away your commission?

We don’t have to.  We choose to.  We’ve been successful in real estate doing it the old fashioned way, but our belief at veriRealty™ is that the old paradigm it changing.  We think most realtors are not worth 6% commission.

Today the tools available to you on the internet are almost everything a real estate agent can provide.  We just put the tools together under one roof and facilitate you with a “Single Agent” representation.

We also know that with this type of savings, “Why would you buy with anyone else?”


How can you help me get the highest selling price?

We perform a full appraisal and full inspection. You will know what the market will bear and how the home can be enhanced for your best first impression.  Solid advice so you know how you can get the highest price while save huge on commission.


Why should I sell my home with veriRealty™?

You will save thousands of dollars using veriRealty™ for these reasons:

  1. Our services are one flat rate, not 6%.  You’ll save a bundle.
  2. We can sell it faster because we have a database of “now” buyers
  3. Our staff includes professional photographers, stagers, handymen and cleaning crew.
  4. We make you look good.


How does the VIP Buyer Agreement work?

It’s simple.  You agree to buy a home using our real estate services and we give you 100% of the commissions.  We have a low Flat Fee for our services.  We only insist on you using our lender partner to get a pre-approval at the desktop underwriter level so we can best leverage your buyer strength to get the home you want.


What makes veriRealty™ better?

We give the same service that is expected with every professional real estate company, and we have two incredible advantages for the buyer and seller.

Buyers get the published MLS commission (usually 2.5-3%), minus our flat rate charge.

Sellers can list their home of the MLS at a significantly lower cost, saving thousands of dollars, but not lose any expected real estate services.  As a matter of fact, we do everything better for less.

Ready to Sell or Buy a Home?   Call us anytime!




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